What are indexed pages and how do index content on my Normandy website?

Free photos of LaptopAccording to the RAE, what appears to us is this definition: “Orderly register data and information to prepare its index.” If we transfer this definition to the digital scenario, the clearest index we have are the SERPs, which are the search engine results pages.

As is logical, the largest indexer in the world is Google, and getting it to index your content means that you will appear in the search results. This, as is evident, is something very positive, since you will generate visits to your website and you will have many more options to generate conversions and sales.

This is very simple, the search engine performs a comparison, how? The Google bot crawls the trillions of pages that exist to index them, which means entering and ranking them within an index.

Thanks to this, when the user makes a query, the search engine will go to the part of the index related to it to position it later according to the algorithm itself.

As we have already said before, being indexed means appearing within the search results pages, so if your page is not well indexed, it does not matter if your content is the best, in the eyes of Google you will not exist, so when users search, you won’t show up.

A sitemap is a document that hierarchically lists all our internal pages. It is a document that can be static or dynamic, the difference lies in the ability to automate to update the new content.

A dynamic sitemap is automatically updated as we add new pages or content. Having a dynamic sitemap allows us to serve search engines with an updated index, guaranteeing greater control of content whose indexing may be a priority.

If we want Google to crawl new URLs and index them, the best way is to have the sitemap cleaned up and updated with URLs added automatically when creating them.

Free photos of MacbookWithin interlinking it is always advisable to follow a hierarchical link strategy, that is; have an indexed home and from there link it correctly with its subpages.

These, in turn, must be linked to their corresponding lower pages according to their category and so on as long as you do not exceed 200 links per page. In this way, you will greatly facilitate the passage of bots for indexing.

It will always be more effective to promote links from your most authoritative page as it helps Google speed up indexing.

Search engine robots are most likely to find and index your site when the websites they index often link to it. It is precisely there where quality links are essential.

In conclusion, we can say that indexing is the action by which Google’s crawling bots find our content and register it within their different databases.

When someone puts a keyword in search of information in the search engines, we can position ourselves on the results pages.