The Best Means Of Protecting Wood

Protect All Types Of Wood

Every tree needs to be protected from various insects that can attack it, as well as from fungi and rot. You can find the best wood protection product at Woodtox.

This tool is most often used by professionals because it provides ideal protection against insects and fungi. Its use is very simple. It needs to be shaken a bit to mix and then applied to the wood. It is best applied with a low pressure sprayer or a brush and spray bottle. It can also be applied with an electric sprayer with a pump.

The product will work best if applied to untreated wood or wood that has not yet been painted. When it dries, the wood can be painted without any problems. The drying time depends on several factors such as wood moisture, temperature, and the type of wood. Minimum drying time is 1 hour, but it is best to wait 24 hours before starting painting.


When using this wood preservative, it is mandatory to use protective equipment such as a mask, protective gloves and safety glasses.

Woodtox works against an insect called the striped borer, as well as against various house bugs and some types of ants that can destroy wood. That is why this tool is widely used in the wood industry.

Wood can be exposed to high humidity, so after a long time fungi can appear, as well as wood rot. This agent works both preventively against fungi and wood rot that can damage the paint.

Most builders use this wood preservative because it is a safe protection, it is very easy to use and its effect is very long.

If you need safe protection of any type of wood, one click on Woodtox is enough. This tool will protect your tree from everything that can attack it.