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Improve Your Body Functionality

Keep Your Body In Good Condition

Just as everything needs care, your body also requires proper care. You can find excellent care for your body at Sports Therapy.

Sports therapy can help you with many problems that have arisen in your body. One of the basic ones is therapeutic massage. This massage is a combination of Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and Trigger point. Swedish massage, or relaxation massage, helps to relax the body, which also relaxes your mind. In this way, stress is reduced and circulation is improved throughout the body.

Deep tissue massage is used to eliminate all muscle problems. After a mild and quick Swedish massage, we begin a deep tissue massage, which is characterized by stronger pressure and calmer movements. This is followed by Trigger Point, a therapy that will relieve you of pain in all parts of the body. With your cooperation, the therapist removes pain and all tension with stronger pressure on certain points in the body.

Sports Therapy

With us, you can also try anti-cellulite massage, which has proven to be very effective. In addition to these massages, we can also offer body weight regulation. Our therapist will determine the necessary exercises depending on the state of your body, as well as the diet you must follow, in order to achieve the desired results. For a perfect body, it is not enough to reduce your diet, you also need to exercise hard to remove fat from your body.

If you have back pain, sports therapy has proven to be very effective here. Back pain can occur from sitting too long, as well as from physical exertion. With appropriate exercises recommended by your therapist, the pain will disappear very quickly and you will feel much more comfortable.

If you want your body to be in perfect shape, one click on Sports Therapy is enough. With our massages, our nutrition programs and our therapies, your body will recover very quickly and you will feel much better.