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More and more people want to have a dog as a pet. However, they find it difficult to decide which breed is best for them. To help you make a decision about which dog to get, we have compiled a list of adorable Havanese dog mixes.

Many breeds of dogs were created by crossing a breed with a Havanese. One of the most represented is Boccavanese. This breed was created by crossing Boxer and Havanese. They are small dogs that are quite energetic. They need regular exercise, so you can walk them every day AND play with them. It will give them real happiness and satisfaction. They are very friendly towards strangers and other dogs. They are very maintenance-friendly, because they don’t shed and they don’t need to be bathed often. Their weak point is their ears, which you have to clean regularly to prevent infection.

Havanese Dog Mixes

The Poovanese was created by crossing a poodle and a Havanese. Their cuteness will catch your attention. They need to be combed regularly, so that their coat is always beautiful. Also, they need to brush their teeth at least twice a week. They are prone to various diseases, so you have to take extra care of them in terms of nutrition and hygiene. They are very intelligent dogs, which you can train very easily. The best reward for a successful task is to give them some food.

Beaglenese is a mix of Beagle and Havanese. They are very happy and lively dogs that will always entertain you. They are very friendly with children and other pets, so you can get them without fear of how they will fit in with your family members or other pets. They like to be in company, and if left alone they can show their destructive behavior.

If you want to know about the many other breeds that have been created by crossing with the Havanese, one click on Havanese dog mixes is enough. Here you will read everything that interests you.